Special Events Management is currently looking for the following candidates to join our team. If you’re interested, please follow the directions listed below.


The responsibilities of the Event Coordinator include but are not limited to:


  • Committed to working on-site at event locations as needed. This includes both Running Events and Festivals.
  • Will cooperate with other event manager’s as a resource and as an additional staff supervisor during events.
  • Learn the internal traits of an Event Coordinator by managing mid-size events which will be a combination of both Running Events and Festivals.


  • Works with event managers to learn about managing events and clients.
  • Develops/Builds/Edits existing event platforms for logistics.
  • Maintains and creates working budgets for event projects.
  • Gives weekly detailed reports (with separate breakdowns for each event) at staff and manager meetings for each project assigned
  • Reviews and submits applications for permits required for client projects as required by local government.
  • Submits permits to the City of Chicago or other municipalities for review and approval no less than 90 days prior to event. Permits include City of Chicago and State of Illinois Liquor License Applications.
  • Organizes and maintains event binder (for use in office and onsite); including vendor orders, labor charts, service providers, permits, insurance, any other supporting documentation necessary to support the event.
  • Offers assistance and insight to Event Managers and helps develop site layout plans for event sites.
  • Helps to incorporate all participating sponsors into the events.
    Makes administrative calls and write letters to municipalities and community groups as needed.


  • Create a friendly and professional relationship with client.
  • Service all inquiries by phone or e-mail politely, professionally in a timely fashion within four hours of being contacted.
  • Regularly responds to phone calls and e-mails from clients and staff.
  • Must be comfortable speaking to large groups/committees.


  • Manages billing and invoices for any services used at the event and creates a purchase order for goods and services purchased prior to event.
  • Responsible for submitting Check Requests to accounting for vendor deposits as needed.
  • Scans in copies of documents related to each project for future or internal reference.


Manages each client/project, including:

  • Correct spelling of first and last name
  • Primary contact/Decision maker (if any)
  • Complete mailing address
  • Email Address
  • Multiple phone numbers including Home, Business, Cell , Fax, On-Site Contact and Emergency Contact


    • Creates a timeline and working budget for each event project assigned.
    • Assist other event manager mangers with planning and execution of logistics.
    • Creates on-site load list from equipment inventory to be sent to the event site.
    • Manages assigned portions of each event as provided by event managers.
    • Be on alert to help others and pitch in where necessary.


  • Continuously working on event projects throughout the year.
  • Suggesting new ideas and improvement to current operating systems.

If you’re interested in this position, please send your resume along with a short cover letter to Hank@chicagoevents.com.